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Animal Crackers Pet Bakery

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Customer Accolades

Here is what our customers are saying...
Acer loves the Banana Biscotti, when I run out he gets upset with me----Julie S

Heisman and his sisters, Jackie and Ashley, think your cookie treats are
lip smackin' delicious! They are recommending your treats to all dogs!
They mobbed me when I got home with the HUGE bag of cookies!

Therese Skinner
Heisman's Greyhound Art

Just wanted to let you know that Sadie LOVES your treats! And she's not one who usually cares about treats! - Linda N

Loved having you at the event yesterday. You will definitely be invited next year if you are interested. - Greyhound Adoption Group in Ohio

Judi's treats go above and beyond your average pet baker. My hounds love her treats and I myself LOVE the Karob cookies, they are delicious! You can certainly tell she puts pride in what she does, and I will be a continued customer. -Jen Howard

I just wanted to say, on behalf of my pups, a greyt big huge, THANK

YOU!!!!!!! They love the treats!!!!! Indy is in heaven! The poor boy hasn't

had any really good treats in a long time. He only has four teeth left and

it makes it hard to give him treats. If I give him biscuits, he bites too

large of pieces and just swallows them! So, I have been getting him soft

treats seperate from the rest but he just doesn't seem happy with them. Boy,

has he been ecstatic with these! They are soft enough that he can chew them

and still get the flavor of the good dog treats! He actually smiled at

me!Then when DH got home from work tonight he got up off the couch

downstairs and came up cuz he thought he was gonna get another treat! He

hasn't come and met DH upsatairs in a long time! I think Indy is gonna

become a regular customer! Thanks again,



My greyhounds Eric, Georgie & Dixie love your salmon cookies!  They know when an animal crackers box arrives in the mail!

I better open it quick or they'll do it for me!
Teri Rogo
Phoenix Arizona

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